Catholics @
    Denver, CO

Fall 2014

Join us every Monday from 6-7:30 for dinner and a moment of discussion and prayer! (We will not meet on Labor Day - 9/1/14)

St. Elizabeth’s Liturgy Schedule:
Sunday: Mass at 9:00am (Roman Catholic Rite)
Divine Liturgy at 4:00pm (Byzantine Catholic Rite)

Weekday Mass: Tuesday and Thursday at 12
Communion Service: Wednesday at 12

Confession: Thursdays at 12:30 or by appt.

The Auraria Campus Catholic Club (ACCC) is a Student Organization of men and women who are pursuing their intellectual growth at one of the schools located at the Auraria Campus (Metropolitan State University, University of Colorado at Denver and the Community College of Denver); embraces the mission of the Catholic Church by serving the Auraria Campus Community. With inspiration from the Sacred Scripture, and guidance from the Sacred Tradition of the Catholic Church, ACCC exists to serve students, faculty and staff as a positive force grounded in the values of the Gospel, which guides our ministry.

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a space for students, faculty and staff to enrich their spiritual lives through different spiritual, intellectual, and social activities.

Mission Statement